January 9, 2021

The 10 Greatest Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Agency In 2021

Many small business owners in Malta lack information regarding the potential benefits a marketing agency could bring with it. This article breaks down why a marketing agency could be the best investment you'll make this year.

#1: Get an independent perspective on your business’ strategy

Marketing agencies work with a variety of businesses across multiple sectors. This gives them a deep level of insights regarding the optimal practices for each type of business; depending on the business’ objectives, size and budget.

Hiring a marketing agency will give you access to the vast knowledge and expertise carried by the agency’s personnel, who, as your trusted advisors, will help you identify the best avenues to grow your business.

What’s more is that a marketing agency would provide you with independent, unbiased opinions.

#2: Save money

A common misconception is that marketing agencies are expensive. Truth be told, this is 100% false.

The cost of building up a full-time in-house marketing team is ten-fold higher than outsourcing your marketing and advertising to an agency. Moreover, hiring a marketing agency gives you access to a full set of professionals, each specialised in their own areas.

#3: Easily scale up your marketing campaigns

Once your campaigns are performing well and generating a sufficient return on investment, you may decide to scale up your campaigns for further expansion and growth.

Using an in-house marketing team could provide certain barriers to such growth; and the process to scale tends to be slow. This is because expanding your campaigns onto new platforms and technologies may require the hiring of a new in-house marketer, who carries the specialisation in those particular areas.

On the contrary, marketing agencies house a variety of industry-leading professionals, each specialised in their own niche areas – such as social media, SEO, website development and more.

Marketing agencies are flexible, helping you scale up your campaigns fast

Working with a marketing agency makes up-scaling your campaigns both fast and efficient; since agencies provide your business with a huge degree of flexibility.

#4: Get the best for your budget

A common pitfall, many business owners mess things up big-time when it comes to setting budgets for their marketing. Moreover, a lack of experience yields several budget-related inefficiencies, such as:

  • Setting a budget that is too small or too big compared to your goals, leading to a wastage of funds
  • Not setting an appropriate timeline based on your budget and goals
  • Selecting the wrong platforms to use based on your budget
  • Overspending as a result of poor decision-making on your media buying

Acquiring experience working with businesses of many sizes, a marketing agency will without a doubt improve the decision-making process regarding your budget – resulting in more efficient ad spend and a better return on investment.

A marketing agency can help you decide on a budget fit for your goals

Here are some important ways a marketing agency will aid you with a smarter, more effective approach to budgeting:

  • Implement battle-tested strategies that the agency has tried, tested and succeeded with when working with a budget similar to yours
  • Set the right budget based on your timeline, objectives and risk tolerance
  • Break down data to identify the best performing campaigns, optimising how your budget is spent
  • Have active, daily management of your campaigns, ensuring that your budget spend is always being carefully monitored

Overall, a marketing agency will undoubtedly improve and optimise the use of your budget, resulting in a much higher return on investment.

#5: Benefit from the full skillset

A marketing agency is fully equipped to handle all aspects that come with a marketing campaign; including tasks that both directly and indirectly impact the success of your campaigns. These specialised tasks range from data analysis, to creative copywriting, media production and much more.

Agencies are well-informed on the best practices in each of these areas. And, they have the professionals to implement them.

#6: Always get an expert second opinion

Think of your marketing agency as a consultant, rather than just an agency.

A strong client-agency relationship involves bouncing ideas off each other and maintaining a consistent flow of communication between the two parties. This means you could always get a second opinion on your incentives and business strategies.

What’s more is that the advice given to you by agency isn’t simply advice coming in from any third party. Rather, it’s coming from experienced professionals, who have worked with multiple businesses in multiple sectors.

An agency can provide you with bulletproof, proven insights – guiding you through the jungle of business and ensuring long-term success. 

#7: Tap into a goldmine of potential customers

A survey published by the Eurobarometer in July 2019 shows that 79% of the Maltese population use social media every single day. Representing roughly 360,000 people, this makes social media, among other online platforms (like Google), a hotbed for potential customers.

Implementing a professional marketing campaign on these platforms will give you a huge competitive advantage. Look for a marketing agency that is specialised in the field of digital marketing. These agencies know how to produce highly targeted adverts, placing your brand in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Getting in front of these prospects with professional, compelling advertising will help you grow your brand awareness among your target market, then converting these prospects into actual, paying customers.

Exploiting online platforms will undoubtedly give you a leg up on your competitors, putting you miles ahead in terms of your brand reach and awareness.

A professional marketing agency will create the perfect strategy for your brand, using the most effective techniques and helping you acquire a larger market share.

Think of your online adverts as a 24/7 salesman, selling to thousands of potential customers at any given time.

#8: Gain a huge advantage over your competitors

It’s no secret that many small businesses in Malta still lack an effective online marketing strategy. In many cases, small businesses do not even have a strategy at all. Rather, they succumb to the trap of effortlessly boosting posts in hope of receiving a few likes and messages here and there.

Given that the local small business population is still behind in terms of marketing, this presents a golden opportunity for businesses looking to kickstart their online marketing in 2021.

Hire the right marketing agency, get ahead of the curve and leave your competition in the dust.

#9: Always have access to the latest technologies

Constantly on the ball for new trends and self-improvement, marketing agencies are equipped with the latest and most efficient advertising-technologies on the market.

Combining these technologies with the marketing agency’s technical expertise gives you access to a catalyst of competitive advantages, ranging from more accurate data analysis, to better performance management, competitor intelligence and more.

#10: Free up more time and focus on running your business

Many small business owners fall into the trap of taking a go at their own marketing and advertising efforts, heralding themselves into the trap of spending both time and money with no tangible results. Marketing is a highly skilled task that takes years to master.

Outsourcing your marketing and advertising to an agency will not only save you money by generating a better return on investment on your campaigns; but it will also save you LOTS of time.

Running a business’ marketing is a very time-consuming task, especially when done right. Find an agency that can fully-manage your marketing efforts, so that you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

So, should YOU hire a marketing agency in 2021?

The start for new beginnings and aspirations, January gives your accounts a fresh slate.

Make 2021 a record-breaking year, both in terms of sales and profits.

Fill out the form below to find out how we can help you generate incredible results this year:

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