Named the fastest growing social media platform, TikTok is home to 1 billion active users. Reach a broader audience, generate brand awareness and go viral by leveraging the power of short-form video. We’ll make sure you company sets itself apart with expertly edited and highly shareable video content.  

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Grow Brand Awareness

With the ability to reach over a billion subscribers, TikTok can easily transform your brand into a household name. Generate brand awareness with each share and expand your following with each trending video. In time, brand awareness will yield higher profits.

Boost Traffic and Sales

Create viral videos that drive traffic to your site. Using a combination of technical and marketing skills, our skilled team will create a TikTok marketing campaign that attracts a loyal following and boosts revenues.

Reach an International Audience

Don’t limit your audience to one location. Allow your brand to reach international markets through viral videos that connect with viewers from all corners of the world. TikTok is popular in over 150 countries and has been named the fastest growing social media platforms. 

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frequently asked questions

Short-form videos work best on Tiktok. From as little as 15 seconds to 10 minutes, the point is to keep it brief and catchy. 

Brands on TikTok are reaching a broader audience and boosting brand awareness by making the most of short-form video clips. With over a billion active users and an incredible rate of engagement, TikTok outperforms any other social platform. 

Admittedly, TikTok and Instagram share some similarities but they are not the same. Instagram is a visual platform that allows photos and videos of any length to be shared whilst TikTok is focused solely on short-form video sharing. According to influencers, TikTok generates a higher engagement rate and is proving very effective. 

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