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Using a combination of creative marketing and data-driven strategies, our social media marketing services will transform your business’ social media platforms into a powerhouse for growth.

We Handle everything from start to finish

We create, implement and manage social media marketing campaigns that aggressively increase sales

Our team adopts an ROI-driven approach to all marketing related work. This means that our primary target is to ensure your business is generating profitable returns from any investments made in marketing. 

Moreover, we use advanced data to guide our strategy. By running in-depth tests on all advertising variables included in your campaigns, we identify the best-performing adverts and drop the losing ones. Therefore, your marketing budget is optimised to generate the best possible return on investment. 

A List of what we can do for you

Social Media Marketing Services


Social Media Advertising


Social Media Management




Analytics & Reporting

Bullshark's social media marketing advertisement for B&M Supplies

Drive revenue at scale with effective social media marketing and advertising

How we do it

Our social media marketing process

A video created by Bullshark that generated over 120K views on social media

Situation Analysis

We discuss your business' current situation, your sector, your competitors, as well as the scope of your social media marketing. This will enable us to set clear objectives for the campaigns.


Strategy Creation

Based on our discussions, as well as external data that we gather, our team will prepare and present to you a social media strategy.


Implementation and Optimisation

We build up all material required to execute the strategy, launching it on social media platforms. Our team manage your campaigns on a daily basis, compiling data from your campaigns and enabling us to optimise your strategy for the best possible return on investment.


Reporting and Product Innovation

At the end of each period (usually monthly) we will provide you with a performance report on your campaigns. As your partners, we also provide you with recommendations to keep on improving your product/service mix.

See the latest case studies on our marketing services

We leveraged social media marketing, among other digital marketing platforms, to help these brands aggressively increase their sales.

JP Imports

We enabled Malta's leading importer and wholesaler of fine meats to penetrate the consumer market at scale.

B&M Supplies Ltd

We re-structured B&M's customers acquisition strategy for the digital age; leading to a sharp increase in showroom traffic and inbound leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is no set amount that one should invest in advertising. Your level of investment will depend on factors such as:

a) The level of competition in your sector 

b) The level of sales you currently have, and the level you are trying to reach

c) The size of your business 

Bullshark will provide you with a performance report at the end of each month, analysing the results generated through your marketing efforts. This will be presented to you in an easy-to-digest manner. 

All content creation will be handled by Bullshark. Depending on your needs, we will also carry out professional photo and video shoots.

Each social media platform has its unique purpose and culture. Your content strategy should be tailored to meet the needs of each specific network, connecting different audiences in different ways. For example, light-hearted aesthetic based content works best on Instagram; whilst detailed informative content works well on LinkedIn. 

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