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Using a combination of digital marketing channels, such as social media, PPC, and SEO, we can help your business aggressively increase sales in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

We Handle everything from start to finish

We implement an agile cross-channel strategy to optimise your return on investment

Using a combination of online channels enables us to accumulate complex, per-channel data. Breaking this down to develop rich insights, we identify the best performing channels and strategies, shifting your advertising budget on a live, day-to-day basis and investing more aggressively in the best performing areas.

What this means to you, as a business owner, is: 

a) A better return on investment, since we will have a deep level of data at our fingertips

b) A more scalable method to increase your revenue, since you will not be dependant on a single platform 

The collective data from all your channels will then be gathered at a central analytics platform, where we crunch down the numbers and present it to you in an easy-to-digest manner. 

Our multi-channel digital marketing services are the best possible solution for brands that are looking to scale their revenue growth with speed. 

A List of what we can do for you

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Services


Digital Marketing


Data and Analytics




Web & UX

Google analytics data accumulated through each individual digital marketing channel

Aggressively increase your sales with a multi-channel digital marketing campaign

How we do it

Our multi-channel digital marketing process

We leveraged social media as part of JP Imports' multi-channel digital marketing campaigns

Discovery session

We discuss all of the important factors concerning your current business and competitors. We also identify the primary targets for your campaigns, in order to create measurable objectives (example: increase sales by 30% per month). This helps us gather all required information for our multi-channel digital marketing services to begin.



Our marketing specialists craft a marketing strategy based on your budget and objectives. This strategy is then presented to you.


Implementation and Management

All creative materials are prepared and the strategy is then implemented across your marketing channels. Campaigns are all monitored and actively managed on a daily bases; as our team optimises your ad spend according to the best performing channels.


Reporting and Optimisation

At the end of each month, our team will gather and analyse data from your campaigns. You will then be presented with a performance report, detailing the impact your marketing has had on your sales growth. Where possible, we will also provide you with product/service recommendations which could be successfully implemented in your business.

See the latest case studies on our marketing campaigns

These brands implemented our multi-channel digital marketing services, helping them aggressively increase their sales

JP Imports

We enabled Malta's leading importer and wholesaler of fine meats to penetrate the consumer market at scale.

B&M Supplies Ltd

We re-structured B&M's customers acquisition strategy for the digital age; leading to a sharp increase in showroom traffic and inbound leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Digital marketing channels are different online advertising platforms that you can use to reach customers. The main channels include Google, Facebook, Instagram and your website.

The recommended marketing budget will depend upon the competitiveness in your sector, as well as your business’ projections and targets. 

Depending on your sector, target market and budget, we will create a detailed marketing strategy, carefully selecting which channels to use for your marketing. 

Based on the data we gather from your campaigns, the amount invested in each channel will be tailored on a day-to-day basis; as we look to invest in those channels producing the best returns. 

We can design and develop a professional website for you, integrating it with your marketing campaigns. 

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