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Your brand identity is what represents your business to the market; drawing real connections with real people. At Bullshark, we adopt a strategic approach to brand development, ensuring that your brand’s message is clear and effective.

We Handle everything from start to finish

We craft brand identities that deliver the perfect message to the right audience

At its core level, a business is created in order to solve a specific problem for a particular market. Using this frame of mind, we craft brands that effectively communicate their problem solving ability to the right target audience. 

An effective brand strategy is one that acquires the attention of these potential customers, drawing them in to learn more about how your business can help them.  

The first critical tangible brand asset is your logo – which must be easily recognisable, and well-representable of your brand purpose. Once a potential customer has seen your logo, this will serve as a constant reminder of your brand’s offer. 

Moving above and beyond one’s logo, a brand must execute consistent collaterals such as business cards, social media styles, etc. These will all come together, culminating in an overall brand identity – one which your audience can easily identify and resonate with.

A List of what we can do for you

Logo Design and Branding Services


Logo + Identity


Brand Materials


Brand collaterals


Brand Groundwork

Official Ernest Gauci logo designed by Bullshark

Let's build a brand that will stand out

How we do it

Our brand-building process

Creative logo design process

Brand discovery session

This is where we answer the crucial components that make up your brand; such as the target market, and the problem it solves for customers.



Our internal logo design and branding services commence here, as we begin formalising our ideas into a creative process. We'll then communicate with you in order to select the appropriate brand strategy.


Creation of draft materials

Implementing the envisioned concepts, our team will supply you with a diverse selection of brand materials. Upon a joint reviewal with you, we will select the preferred materials and proceed to create all collaterals.


Review, refinement and formalisation

Once all the materials have been compiled, we will review and refine all deliverables. This stage is key in perfecting the holistic brand identity before taking it to market. You'll also receive a brand guidelines book, formalising all the important details about your brand identity - such as colour codes, typography and more.

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In order to come up with logo concepts, we will need key company information; such as name, market sector, products/services, price point, and target market. A brief description of your company’s vision is also important. 

By refining and focusing your branding, our goal is to move customers from awareness to recognition, from participation to conversion, and from one-time buyers to loyal brand advocates.

Depending on the urgency of your brand launch, the entire process can take anywhere between one to four weeks.

Bullshark can handle the trademark search and registration process for you.

No problem – you are entitled to revision requests. Branding is a critical aspect to a successful business, so it’s important to get it right.

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