Google PPC Advertising Services

People interested in purchasing a product or service turn to Google; where they look to find brands that match their needs. Using a well-targeted PPC campaign, we can make sure your brand is the first and most impactful result on their search list – drawing them into making a purchase.

We Handle everything from start to finish

Place your business in front of the right people - those that are ready to buy

Using an effective in-house keyword planning method, we setup highly targeted campaigns, ensuring your brand is always on top of search pages for relevant searches. 

We take things a step further, micro-targeting keyword phrases that included words like ‘buy’ or ‘near me’. This results in abetter conversion rate from your campaigns, ensuring that a higher % of your website visitors are converting into actual paying customers.

Our approach is highly focused on the use of data. By accumulating statistics from your campaign on a daily basis, we implement an agile media buying approach, using your budget to bid on the best performing keywords. This results in the best possible return on investment for your business. 

A List of what we can do for you

Google PPC Advertising Services




Campaign Management


Landing Pages


Data and Analytics

Run a well-targeted PPC campaign and generate a huge return on investment

How we do it

Our Google PPC advertising process


Situation Analysis

We kick off our Google PPC advertising services by discussing your business' current situation, your sector, your competitors, as well as the scope of your PPC campaigns. This will enable us to set clear objectives for the campaigns.


Strategy Creation

Based on our discussions, as well as external data that we gather, our team will prepare and present to you a PPC advertising strategy.


Landing Page Design and Development

We create a landing page, which will serve as your 24/7 sales pitch throughout the campaigns. Traffic from PPC ads will be directed onto this page.


Implementation and Management

Your campaigns are deployed, managed by our Google PPC management team on a daily basis.


Review and Optimisation

Once live, your Google PPC advertising campaigns will be actively reviewed and refined. We want to ensure that your ad spend is effectively optimised, providing you with the best return on investment possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is no set amount that one should invest in advertising. Your level of investment will depend on factors such as:

a) The level of competition in your sector 

b) The level of sales you currently have, and the level you are trying to reach

c) The size of your business 

Bullshark will provide you with a performance report at the end of each month, analysing the results generated through your marketing efforts. This will be presented to you in an easy-to-digest manner. 

All content creation will be handled by Bullshark. Depending on your needs, we will also carry out professional photo and video shoots.

No, the entire keyword research and planning process is handled b Bullshark. We use advanced tools to collect rich data, 

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