E-Commerce Design and Development Services

Online shopping is here to stay. Your brand must adapt to the current shifts in consumer buying, by offering a user-friendly online platform where customers may view your full product catalogue and shop from the comfort of home.

We Handle everything from start to finish

We build powerful e-commerce websites that enable you to aggressively increase your sales

With a strong focus on the website’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), our principal target with all e-commerce is to provide users with a platform that is easy to use. From landing on your website, up till the customers proceeds to the checkout page, we want their experience to be engaging and comfortable. This will result in a better conversion rate on your website – meaning a larger % of visitors will make a purchase

Once your e-commerce website has been launched, we can also provide full management of your online marketing – bringing high-quality traffic onto the website and ensuring that they are driving more revenue for your business.

Equally important to the design is your website’s ongoing performance. At Bullshark, we offer our clients an array of cloud hosting solutions. Your website will be geared for high-power speed, security and performance.

A List of what we can do for you

E-Commerce Design and Development Services


Design and Development


Online Shop Setup


Hosting, Security & Maintenance


E-Commerce Marketing

Sell online with a powerful e-commerce website

E-Commerce website solutions built to power your growth

How we do it

Our e-commerce design and development process

UX design as part of Bullshark's e-commerce design and development services

Discovery session

We speak to you about all important factors concerning your online store, so that we can then create the plan and website structure.


UX and UI

The creation of the website's design; as well as the design of product pages and catalogues.


E-Commerce Setup and Development

This is where we integrate all the e-commerce functionality, such as payment gateways, purchase options, automation, etc. Once completed, the entire process will be tested out for any errors.


Deployment and Management

Your website is deployed on our cloud servers and made visible to the public. We ensure the upkeep of your website through regular software updates, daily backups, telephone and email support and much more.


Sales and Marketing

We will launch highly-targeted advertising campaigns, bringing the right people onto your website and driving online sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions


For e-commerce projects, it is important for us to have a list of product categories that you offer; as we will use this to structure the online store. We will also need to know the delivery terms, payment terms, etc. because these are used when building out the e-commerce functionality. 

We implement a number of security measures, such as firewalls, encryption and brute force protection. Also, your website will be backed up on a daily basis; both on-site and off-site. 

Depending on the complexity of your project, a website can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to be designed, developed and launched. 

Yes, of course! You will be given full access to the website, and our team will also train you on using it.

We will give yo detailed training, teaching you how to manage products, orders and more. 

We will integrate a payment gateway with your website. This is a processor which enables you to accept online payments. The payment gateway will also be linked to your normal bank account, so that you can then transfer the funds to this account. 

Each time a customer places an order online, you will receive an order confirmation via email, listing out all of the order details. You also have the option to view all pending and completed orders on a dashboard on the website’s backend. Processing orders from an online store is super easy.

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