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Offer a mobile app that is 100% unique. Instead of generic off-the-shelf apps, benefit from the flexibility of tailor-made apps. Our team of experts will create a unique app that can be moulded to fit your company’s specific needs, ensuring that your one-time investment reaps long time rewards. 

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More Flexibility

Don’t limit yourself to pre-packed features from off-the-shelf apps. Opting for a bespoke app gives you full control over what features to offer, what content to include and what designs to opt for. A bespoke app gives you the flexibility to make your app your own.

Cost Transparency

Make a one-time investment and avoid hidden costs. Unlike off-the-shelf apps — which come with hefty monthly fees, extra customisations and integrations costs and a set of terms and conditions — bespoke apps offer complete transparency. Whilst the initial investment is typically higher, you are then free from paying ongoing license fees, saving on long-term costs.

Ownership of Your App

Make sure you fully own your app by investing in a bespoke mobile app. Off-the-self apps are owned by the manufacturer but a custom-made app is entirely yours to manage and distribute as you see fit. 

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Off-the-self apps are pre-designed by manufacturers in a one-size-fits-all approach. The initial fee is attractively affordable but ultimately, off-the-self apps come attached with a monthly licensing fee, design and distribution restrictions and other hidden costs. On the other hand, bespoke apps are custom-made apps designed specifically for your company. The initial investment is higher but you’ll be paying for customisation and full ownership of your own app. 

Nowadays, mobile usage has soared and more people have been drawn to the convenience of apps. A high-quality app will help your company stay afloat and thrive within a highly competitive market.

Yes. In fact, this is another advantage that bespoke apps have over off-the-shelf-apps. Many pre-made apps will not be able to work with all of your systems but a bespoke app can be configured according to your needs. This will ensure that you maintain a cohesive and efficient work-flow across all of your operations. 

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