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Importers and distributors of the legendary American BBQ Char-Broil, SBL Limited approached us to help them take their sales process digital during the COVID-19 pandemic

For anyone looking to purchase a BBQ, the brand “Char-Broil®” needs no introduction. Their local agents wanted to sustain BBQ sales during the pandemic, which is why we made plans to launch a fully-fledged online store for the brand. 

Effectively categorising products, whilst maintaining prominence given to BBQs was key

SBL Limited offer a selection of seasonal items, ranging from BBQs and summer utilities, all the way to Christmas decorations. The website’s menu was therefore split according to seasonality; with the homepage designed as a re-usable template, so that we could change-up featured products according to the time of year.

The website’s user-experience design was focused around the ease of navigation. We wanted to make the product structure clear and easy-to-understand, helping users find exactly what they were looking for. Apart from the navigation, we also implemented a search bar that expands to display both products and categories; helping users get from point A to point B as quick as possible.

We launched an advertising campaign on social media following the website's finalisation

The campaign was executed using three principal delivery methods. 


We created an “anchor post” listing out SBL’s BBQ-ranges. This was pinned to the top of their Facebook™ page throughout the campaign, serving as a point of reference for interested consumers. 


We ran a selection of ads that focused on the ‘end product’ rather than actual BBQs. This meant using imagery and copywriting that was focused on food (studies show that Char-Broil®’s infrared technology results in 50% juicier food.


This was followed up with detailed, informative advertisements focused on explaining Char-Broil®’s technology. The point was to logically argue consumers into choosing Char-Broil®, based on factual advantages to other brands. 

We used strategic message CTAs, starting off conversations with prospects and then directing them to the online store

This enabled SBL’s sales team to engage in conversations with prospects, advising them on the recommended BBQs to match their needs and budget. Customers were then provided direct links, directing them to recommended products on the online store. 

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Messages Received
1 +
Website Visits
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People Reached

“Bullshark provided us with efficiency and high dedication to reach our expectations. For those of you who are thinking of having a high class website, we highly recommend Bullshark.”

Christopher Sciberras

Director at SBL Limited

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