pullicin group

Developing an online presence for a large-sized construction company.

Communicating the brand's rich history.

Established in 1997, Pullicin Developers have grown to become a prominent player in the Maltese construction industry. They’ve set up a large plant in Handaq Insutrial Estate, which is home to an incredible variety of equipment. The company focus on two main areas: Construction and excavation, and leasing out equipment. Recently, they also expanded their operations by purchasing a batching plant to begin producing their own concrete and bricks. Up till this point, the business totally lacked any form of online presence, making it difficult for potential customers to reach the business. We were therefore approached by Pullicin Group’s management to develop a professional website, serving to represent their established brand on the online space.

Introducing a skip-hire system to simplify the lives of customers and the company simultaneously.

We implemented a two-step system which enables website visitors to easily browse available skips by size and by price. They can then submit an enquiry about one of these skips through a bookings form, which is then relayed through Pullicin’s equipment-management system to inform the customer whether their demand can be met.


Web Design


Brand Identity 


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