La Boucherie

Leading La Boucherie's digital transformation, in a move that would see the brand grow to become Malta's market leader in the meat sector

As our clients, La Boucherie (by JP Imports), gained a strong foothold in the consumer market, following the aggressive digital marketing campaigns which we ran across social media. Once the company grew to reach a considerable size, we decided it was best to innovate and provide customers with a better shopping experience. This would enable La Boucherie to cement its position as the market leader in Malta’s meat sector. 

We crafted a powerful online store, providing customers with a user-friendly platform to browse, select and customise products

Just a few months ago, one would have never imagined that shopping for meat online would be such an engaging customer experience.
We made that change.

We created a digital experience that effectively overcame the obstacles one would face when purchasing meat online. Using in-depth product customisation options, we bridged the gap between buying your meat online and buying it from a physical butcher store. 

Placing orders made easy


Find your product from a selection of categories


Select your preferred weight


Request to have it portioned (or not)


Select a delivery date and time whilst checking out

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We launched La Boucherie through an integrated multi-channel digital marketing campaign

By launching marketing campaigns across a variety of digital channels, we ensured that La Boucherie became an omni-channel brand; meaning that it was the first-to-find for consumers on each platform. This multi-channel strategy included social media marketing, search engine optimisation, Google PPC and email marketing. 

We created a landing page, highlighting a set of special offers

This special offers page was used as a landing page for the social media marketing campaigns run during August. We then re-targeted viewers of this page with a selection of ads, providing detailed information on the ordering process. This enabled us to overcome the ‘information hurdle’ with prospects, causing e-commerce sales to increase at speed. 

Advanced data and analytics were at the centre of our strategy

We configured an advanced module of Google Analytics, delivering seamless integration between La Boucherie’s website and all digital marketing campaigns. This enabled us to understand which channels were creating the highest volume of sales, and which channels had the best conversion rates.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

1 +
Website Visits
1 +
X 1
1 +
People Reached

“A young and dynamic company with a highly professional approach. We used Bullshark for both our websites and digital marketing and achieved higher than expected returns… Highly recommended.”

Paul Camilleri

Director at La Boucherie

We did it for La Boucherie.
We can do it for you.

We are sales-driven, data-led and results-based. We will stop at nothing to ensure your brand is growing with speed. Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you.

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