Top 5 Design Trends For 2023 

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Just like clothes maketh the man and interior design transform houses into homes, graphic design is what lends marketing its visual impact. As all graphic designers know, a well-executed logo or web design is the glue that holds a brand’s marketing efforts together. Yet, design trends are constantly evolving and what was edgy in past years may not necessarily be one of the current trending designs. 

So what are the emerging trends in graphic design? As we look at the year ahead, we’ve been able to pinpoint five main graphic design trends which are bound to have a big influence across branding, web design, graphics, and illustration. To help you get ahead of the competition, we’ve compiled a list of the top five design trends for 2023, including details about each graphic design style and its main characteristics. Want to make sure that your designs are truly à la mode? Simply dive right in to discover our design trend predictions for 2023! 

1. Surrealism

Surrealism is not exclusive to Salvador Dali paintings. From a political philosophy to a 1920s artistic movement that explores the subconscious world, over time surrealist techniques have continued to evolve and seep into the world of graphic design. Consequently, with this style’s ability to blend together unrelated concepts and create powerful impactful images, in 2023, airbrush surrealism is set to become a top graphic design trend.  

Why? Mostly because, despite marking over a century since emerging as a revolutionary artistic movement, surrealism is still pushing boundaries and transcending beyond the mundane. In consolidating surrealist layouts with 1980s airbrush techniques, contemporary graphic designers are able to create powerful designs that create a surrealist feeling of disorientation that fuels the imagination. Through surrealism, retro filters, soft glow effects, and dream-like designs are allowed to come together to produce thought-provoking logos that secure themselves in consumers’ memories and take hold of our imagination. So, to help your brand stand out in 2023, consider creating dynamic surrealist designs that your consumers are sure to remember.

2. Tech Take-over

Technology has practically taken over all aspects of our lives and the more the digital sphere evolves the more deeply it continues to impact the very fabric of our culture. In recent years, the rise of web 3.0 and the metaverse have been hot topics of conversation and in 2023, the metaverse is all set to move from the realm of theory and abstraction to that of (virtual) reality. For graphic designers, this means creating designs which reflect this digital evolution by making references to the metaverse culture, including AI-inspired avatars and 3D illustrations.

3D images, grid designs, and neon hues are amongst the design techniques that are expected to characterize this trend, all of which shall be seamlessly fused together to produce ultra-modern and forward-looking designs that reflect this ongoing tech take-over. It is a style that lends brands an appealingly modern and up-to-date aesthetic, whilst giving designers license to reflect on the future of technology.

3. A Riso-Print Effect

Risograph printing is a type of digital screen printing known for its incredibly vibrant hues and unique grainy textures. Back in the 1980s, the Riso-Printer paved the way for rapid mass printing, but it also resulted in a grainy effect and unintentional double exposure. Nevertheless, the accidental, yet appealing, results of this type of printing have had a strong impact on the field of aesthetics, and the ripples have also reached the digital world.

Adding vibrancy and a warm human touch to digital interfaces, risograph-inspired designs will continue to dominate in 2023. You are likely to see them everywhere, from product packaging to digital marketing content.

4. Think Punk

The punk design trend, which has its roots in the Dada movement of the 1920s, is defined by aggressive imagery and compelling messages of protest. The 1920s was a time marked by political unrest– it was a decade which incited artists to express their outrage through raw and powerful images, and use their creativity to spread messages of revolt. Following the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, 2023 is set to echo the spirit of the 1920s, and graphic designers are already being drawn to the expressive powers of punk art.

The Punk design trend is not only an aggressive means of communication but also a powerful way to showcase flaws and instigate change. It is a messy and unpolished style that draws viewers in thanks to its innate relatability. Nowadays, this trend is dominated by grunge effects and DIY-type elements, such as creating powerful distorted imagery through the creative and experimental use of printing or building a collage from a combination of design elements. Take a look at Bullshark’s top punk-inspired designs:

5. The Dark Side

For the past few years, dark mode has revolutionized most app interfaces and graphic designers are following suit with arresting chiaroscuro images. Not only does this technique create a more mysterious and dramatic look but it also helps to enhance certain website elements through contrasting hues. Ranging from black to dark violets and blues, dark mode creates an appealing contrast that is warm and looks professional. Perfect for print and digital layouts alike, expect various designs to take a walk on the dark side this coming year.

Put Your Knowledge to Practise

Now that you’re familiar with the current top design trends, why not make sure that your brand is staying ahead of the competition with impactful designs? For the best results, we recommend outsourcing to a professional digital marketing agency with a talented in-house graphic design team. Our skilled graphic designers at Bullshark have plenty of varied industry experience and are experts in the field of marketing and design. We’ll make sure that you’re using just the right designs to complement your brand’s marketing strategies.

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