Last-Minute Tips To Ensure a Lucrative Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday: a time for shopping but also a business opportunity. Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, developing great Black Friday campaigns should certainly be a part of your agenda. As shoppers hunt for the best deals, and sales skyrocket to new heights, getting a slice of that lucrative pie becomes essential to your brand’s growth. However, ensuring that your company benefits from this yearly shopping surge is all about using the right marketing strategies to reach your consumers.  

Not sure how to get started and worry you may have left it too late? Here are some quick tips and tricks you can exceute to ensure your company benefits from this end-of-month spendy frenzy. 

What Is Black Friday? 

A day after the American tradition of Thanksgiving, Black Friday marks the official start of the holiday season. Being a time of shopping lists and Christmas preparations, business-savvy retailers would be remiss in letting this golden opportunity fly by. Therefore, to supply customer demand and increase sales, Black Friday was born.  

For shoppers, Black Friday means an entire day of enticing shopping bargains and exciting flash sales. However, for business owners this provides an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness. Each year, this tradition keeps growing in popularity as it makes its way towards various countries around the globe.  

To be sure, Black Friday’s success has been so extensive that it has given rise to another day of shopping deals: Cyber Monday. Whilst focusing solely on online stores, Cyber Monday embodies the same principles of Black Friday with slashed prices and enticing sale items. For most businesses, both in-person and e-commerce platforms are crucial components for their company, making both days a golden opportunity to increase sales and generate brand growth. 

Creating The Best Black Friday Campaigns: Bullshark’s Top Tips 

1. Use Promo Codes & Discount Coupons  

An oldy but a goody. Everyone loves a bargain, which is why promotional codes and discounts are a classic way of grabbing your customers’ attention. After all, finding great deals is what Black Friday is all about.  

Naturally, the first step in embracing those Black Friday vibes is to attract avid deal hunters with high-quality products being offered at unbeatable deals. However, adding promo codes and discount coupons at checkout will also work to increase your conversion rates. Many are tempted to make a purchase but cart abandonment can occur for a variety of reasons. Adding promotions and discounts will encourage customers to follow through with their checkout, securing your company higher profits. 

2. Free Shipping 

Consumers love their free shipping. According to studies, many shoppers avoid brands that do not offer free shipping whilst others abandon their cart due to unforeseen shipping fees. Consequently, offering free shipping will not only sweeten the pot for your online customers – making sure that they complete their transaction – but will also encourage brand loyalty for future purchases. 

3. Tap Into Email Marketing 

For small businesses looking for a low cost marketing tactic, email marketing remains an undefeated approach. Boasting a high return on investment (ROI) and an increase of brand awareness, the benefits of email marketing are many and should be used all year round to keep customers abreast of your business’s latest products and promotions. 

Naturally, a good email campaign can help all brands – whether established or upcoming – to share their Black Friday deals well in advance. If done right, this can generate excitement and create a healthy dose of anticipation over your upcoming sale early on, thus ensuring a great turnout. Additionally, email marking can help manage cart abandonement  by sending gentle reminders and or creating a sense of urgency through ‘out of stock’ warnings.  

From weekly newsletters to promotional news, email marketing is an effective way to inspire customer loyalty and generate sales.  

4. Flash Sales  

Invite customers to take advantage of limited deals with flash sales. Being offered for a fixed amount of time, flash sales fill buyers with a sense of urgency which inspires them to take advantage of such incredible deals before time runs out.  

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday also last no longer than a few days at most, flash sales go hand-in-hand with this time of year. So why not take advantage of this time by creating convincing banners that use compelling phrases such as “Limited-time Offer”, “Last Minute” or “Hurry!”? Your customers will be reminded that Black Friday is only around once a year and be encouraged to make the best of your current sale. 

5. Harness the Power of Social Media  

It is impossible to make the most of digital marketing without tapping into the power of social media. Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram…. each platform has secured its place in our daily lives and opened up channels of communication with friends, established brands and influencers alike. 

When preparing your Black Friday campaign, social media offers a myriad of ways to create the right buzz of excitement around your upcoming deals. A branded hashtag or organising a Facebook event can help to organically spread brand awareness, whilst a Black Friday contest can infuse the shopping experience with a healthy dose of excitement. Truly, when it comes to social media marketing the options are endless and undeniably effective. 

6. Offer an Enticing Returns Policy  

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any successful business. For a variety of reasons – ranging from picking the wrong size to changing one’s mind regarding a purchase – customers crave the peace-of-mind of being able to exchange a product if needed. Of course, shopping during Black Friday is no exception.  

A flexible returns policy can be as simple as being able to return items within a month of the date of purchase. Yet, this straightforward tactic will keep your customers happy with minimal effort. To benefit from this during Black Friday, don’t forget to emphasise it in your campaign and highlight a risk-free shopping experience for your customers. 

Have Professionals Handle Your Marketing 

Naturally, effective digital marketing takes time to muster and requires a certain amount of experience and skill to be executed correctly. Whilst it might be tempting to try your hand at marketing your own brand, outsourcing to professional digital marketers will save you the time, money and frustration that comes with inefficient marketing. 

Our dedicated team at Bullshark has extensive industry experience and are experts in the field of marketing. We’ll make sure you’re using just the right marketing strategies to increase your sales and generate maximum recognition towards your products and services. If you’re interested in our professional digital marketing services, send us a message by clicking here or send an email to [email protected].

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