Digital Marketing Statistics for 2023: The Facts You NEED To Know

Want to get or stay ahead of the competition? Knowing the current digital trends will help you to develop an up-to-date marketing campaign that reflects the best digital strategies and embraces the changes of a constantly shifting digital world. 

We’ve put together a list of the latest digital marketing statistics, from the top statistics for this year to some useful return-on-investment statistics. Let’s get familiar with the numbers. 

Leading Digital Statistics  

63% of Businesses Increased their Digital Marketing Budgets 

Recognising the incredible potential of digital marketing, 2021 saw a 14% increase in digital marketing budgets when compared to 2020. By 2022, 63% of businesses had increased their digital marketing budgets to spread brand awareness and increase credibility. 

What This Means for You 

Don’t underestimate the importance of digital marketing. Consider increasing the percentage of your overall marketing budget that you assign to digital. Not only does digital marketing provide significantly higher reach than traditional channels, but the cost of reaching more people is also lower. Plus, digital marketing is measurable – so you can optimise your spending and efforts consistently to insure the desired return on investment.

91% of Brands Utilise Multichannel Marketing  

With all the digital platforms available online, hardly any marketers use only one channel to reach their consumers. 2021 statistics show that 91% of brands use multichannel marketing to widen their reach and spread brand awareness.

What This Means for You 

As 91% of brands use multiple online channels for their marketing efforts, for your business to remain visible and top of mind you need to insure you adopt a cross-channel digital strategy.   Identify the right mix of channels to reach your target audience and harness the power of multichannel marketing. 

Social Media and Websites are the Top Two Marketing Channels 

It is useless creating engaging content if it is not properly marketed and seen. According to the latest statistics, social media platforms and websites are the top marketing channels due to their effective and wide-ranging reach.

What This Means for You 

To effectively market your products and services online, build an SEO and mobile-optimised website that perfectly represents your brand. Next, identify the right social media platform for your target audience and work on maintaining a strong social media presence to complement your website. Leverage experts in social media ad management to ensure your content reaches the widest audience at the lowest possible cost. 

Facebook is Still the #1 Social Media Platform but Keep an Eye on TikTok  

Research shows that Facebook is still a worthy platform on which to invest your time. Attracting a stunning 2.9 billion monthly users, in comparison to TikTok’s 1.534 billion monthly users, Facebook remains the leading social media platform for marketers worldwide. However, what took Facebook 14 years to achieve in terms of users, TikTok accomplished in less than four. 

What This Means for You  

Make sure that your brand has a solid and active Facebook presence. Regularly updating your page and posting engaging posts or stories will keep your offerings top-of-mind and generate the brand awareness your business needs. However, do not ignore TikTok as a potential channel for your brand.  Whilst TikTok advertising is not yet available to Malta, this channel is one to be watched, and once paid promotion becomes available, be ready to be the first local brand to capitalize on this. 

SEO Generates More Traffic than Social Media 

Research comparing SEO and social media shows that, whilst both are beneficial, SEO is more adept at generating traffic. Being the foundation of online marketing, SEO provides the tools to optimise websites for different search engines, ensuring that your content is indexed and gets noticed. According to a study by BrightEdge, social media delivers an average of 5% of traffic whilst SEO drives over 1000% more traffic than organic social media. 

What This Means for You  

To get your content noticed and drive brand awareness, embrace SEO best practices. As statistic shows, this will generate more traffic than social media posts and take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Mobile Search is Outshining Desktop Search 

In the question of how users are conducting searches, research points to the growing dominance of search on mobile devices. The latest statistics show that significantly more searches are carried out on the mobile phone (64%) than on the desktop (35%). There are also more than twice as many keywords that are characterised by mobile traffic. While almost 36% of desktop users click the first result, just under 30% click the first in mobile searches. Mobile phone users click more frequently on many lower-ranking results. 

Although users love using their mobile devices for online searches, consumers prefer making purchases using their desktops, signalling that user behaviour changes according to their online intentions.   However, data from the 2020 E-commerce Stats Report shows that mobile sales continue to grow, and the reason shoppers still seem to prefer to convert to the desktop may be linked rather to a lack of an optimized mobile experience, rather than a preference for desktop.  In short, if your shopping experience is optimized on mobile versus that of your competitor you are far more likely to be the preferred online destination. 

What This Means for You  

Since over 60% of online searches are made using mobile devices, having content that is optimised to convert on mobile is key for all businesses.  Equally, ensure your website is optimised for mobile usage and designed to drive conversions. This combination will enable you to drive online business growth. 

Copywriting is an In-Demand Digital Marketing Skill 

Digital marketers need specific skills-set to get the job done well and, according to studies, copywriting is one of the most valuable abilities to have in the marketing world. Statistics show that 59% of web users shun businesses that have spelling or grammar mistakes in their copy whilst 80% only read the headlines. With good copywriting, you can capture your readers’ attention and achieve conversions. 

What This Means for You  

Make sure that you produce high-quality copy by investing in good copywriting. Since 59% of users are drawn to well-researched and well-written copy, this will help you to maintain an image of professionalism, respectability, and reliability. 

86% of Businesses now Incorporate Video Marketing 

Most internet users favour a short and engaging video clip as opposed to long articles. Accordingly, as many as 86% of businesses have incorporated video marketing in their marketing strategies

What This Means for You  

Invest in the development of video content production. This will enable you to keep your customers interested with engaging videos that you can include on your website and in your social media posts.  

90% of Businesses Engage in Content Marketing 

Blogging is one of the top three most popular marketing tactics. One study found that 81% of consumers trust blog content and in turn, 90% of brands engage in this trusted form of marketing.  

What This Means for You  

Since valuable and authentic content marketing has proven so effective, aim to create good-quality and enriching content that represent your brand to gain your users’ trust.  

93% of People Read Online Reviews 

It has been found that an incredible 93% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, 84% of which regard online reviews with the same value as word-of-mouth.  

What This Means for You  

Considering these statistics, it is wise to make it easy for customers to leave a positive review and then incorporate these reviews in your marketing campaigns to earn your customers’ trust and boost growth. 

75% of People Never Scroll Past the First Page of the Search (SERP) 

According to Hubspot statistics, a mere 25% of internet users make it to the second page on Google, meaning that 75% of people only look at the first page of their SERPs. Therefore, making sure that your content ranks high and makes it to the first page is crucial to increasing traffic to your site. 

What This Means for You  

Since ranking high on Google is key to getting your published content noticed, start utilizing SEO best practices, including keyword research, to make sure your work is 1st-page material. When your content ranks high on search engine results, you will increase traffic to your site, get more site views and increase conversions. 

57% of Internet Users Wouldn’t Recommend Businesses Whose Website is Not Mobile Optimised 

57% of internet users base their recommendation of a business on whether their site is mobile optimized. Essentially, these numbers indicate that more people are searching for content on their phones. Yet, if a website is not responsive on mobile devices, users will most likely move on to a better-functioning site.   

What This Means for You  

Get more site views and gain customer loyalty by making sure that your site is mobile-optimized. As your online presence becomes more accessible, you will expand your reach and drive business growth. 

46% of Shoppers are Less Likely to Compare with Other Stores when Using a Brand App 

When a company’s app provides an incredibly immersive experience, 46% of shoppers are less likely to shop around elsewhere and complete their purchase on the app. 

What This Means for You  

If your company is focused on commerce, consider beating the competition by creating an engaging app. As statistics show, a well-designed app could thoroughly immerse your clients in your brand’s shopping experience and stop them from shopping around elsewhere. 

47% of Users Expect Websites to Take a Maximum of 2 Seconds to Load 

It is useless to fill your site with high-resolution graphics and easy-to-navigate features if it takes too long to load. Internet users want a quick and seamless experience with 47% of the population expecting a maximum of 2 seconds loading time before moving on to a more efficient site. 

What This Means for You  

Don’t lose potential customers because of your site’s frustratingly long loading time. Keep your site fully optimized so that users may enjoy a seamless and effortless experience on every device. 

Extra Costs Are the #1 Reason for Cart-Abandonment 

There are various reasons why shoppers will abandon their cart but extra costs such as shipping, taxes, and handling fees are by far the most to blame. A survey by The Baymard Institute found that 55% would abandon their cart due to unforeseen fees, making it by far better for businesses to be transparent about their costs from the start. 

What This Means for You  

If your site has hidden costs at check-out, ditch them in favour of a completely transparent set-up. You will avoid cart abandonment and gain your customers’ respect in the process. 

Put Your Knowledge into Practice 

Now that you’re familiar with the statistics it’s time to put your knowledge to practice. To devise a digital marketing campaign that will put your brand on the map and simply thrive, why not outsource to a professional digital marketing agency? Our dedicated team at Bullshark has tons of industry experience and are experts in the field of marketing. We’ll make sure you’re using just the right marketing strategies to increase your sales and generate maximum recognition for your products and services. If you’re interested in our professional digital marketing services, contact us by clicking here or sending an email to [email protected]

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