Gabriel Cortis

A global recruiter for the Forever™ Network, Gabriel Cortis needed an online identity that could effectively showcase the perks of his network, bringing in new recruits at scale

An experienced business mentor and recruiter, Gabriel Cortis was able to differentiate himself from other recruiters in the Forever™ network. We wanted to clearly communicate his strengths, as well as the perks received by those taken under his wing. Moreover, we looked to develop a friendly, inviting brand identity; one which would seem approachable to potential recruits. 


We worked from the ground up, defining Gabriel Cortis' values in a brand identity framework

Our creative team opted for a bright shade of yellow as the principal brand colour. Studies have shown that the colour yellow induces a feeling of friendliness and approachability among viewers.

Gabriel Cortis’ brand identity was then supported through supporting elements, such as faded blobs that were used throughout the website as background effects. 

We created a set of custom-icons to deepen Gabriel Cortis' brand identity

We implemented a clean user interface, breaking down complex information into a consumable form

It was important for Gabriel Cortis’ website to include a significant amount of detail; as this would be required for any prospects that were interested in switching careers to join the network. Therefore, user interface was at the core of this website’s strategy. Using open space, icons and clickable tabs, we broke down the information into an easy-to-digest manner.

“Sam [director at Bullshark] is a very talented chap, advanced in his thinking, with a fresh mind and creative in all ways. He is well informed of what’s going on in the world of online business and digital marketing as a whole. Very patient in getting to know you and understanding your business. He gets into your shoes and excels at giving you the best product with a personal touch. Would recommend Bullshark to any one…. any venture! Will definitely work with him again!!!”

Gabriel Cortis

Global Recruiter at Forever™

We did it for Gabriel Cortis.
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