Ernest gauci

High-end online presence & brand identity for Malta's leading VIP concierge.

Online interaction as the first step in one's luxury trip to Malta.

A luxury lifestyle concierge and executive driver, Ernest Gauci has catered for many of the world’s elite whilst on their trips to Malta. Ernest Gauci’s client list includes the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Gianluca Vacchi to name a few. Ernest Gauci recognised that the company’s digital presence was lacking; creating a problem for celebrity-managers when locate the brand after hearing referrals for past Ernest Gauci clients. 

We were therefore approached to craft a high-end, luxurious online presence and brand identity. This new website would serve as the first touch point between Ernest Gauci and new potential clients; hence it was pivotal to imminently immerse these client’s the in luxury and high-quality service provided by Ernest Gauci. 

Showing off Ernest Gauci's portfolio of clients was the simplest and most effective way to build trust with new prospects.

When looking for luxury services, its no doubt that seeing a client portfolio including the likes of Ernest Gauci’s would twist your head in the right direction. 

As soon as a users accesses the website, one will quickly notice a testimonial from Tom Hanks. We did this to instantly show users the Ernest Gauci is the real deal. We also built a ‘clients’ page; including some top celebrity names from Ernest Gauci’s portfolio. 


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Brand Identity 

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