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creative transformation for a freight a logistics business

We crafted a professional brand identity from the ground up.

We were approached by Clayton Abela Logistics, a freight and logistics startup specialised in local product distribution and cargo. The company’s founder has been operating in the logistics industry for over 15 years. We therefore wanted to position this startup using to main factors: 

a) We wanted the brand to seem approachable, since it is fundamental for any startup to expand its client base in a time-effective manner; and

b) The brand was to show off the director’s longstanding experience; something which is a key differentiator from startups whose founders have little experience in the industry

In line with these criteria, we executed the brand’s identity using blue as a central colour. The colour blue is psychologically associated with stability and reliability. 

Creating an clean-structured website for prospects to easily locate information and request quotations.

We implementing a clean, minimalist structure on Clayton Abela Logistics’ website; breaking down key information through the use of UI icons and well-planned copy. A central theme on the website was the ‘request a quotation’ section, located on the services page. Most of the website’s call-to-action are directed at this section, making it easy for prospects to submit informal quotation requests. 


Web Design


Logo Design 

Brand Identity 

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