Wolt was founded in 2014 in Helsinki Finland, the app-based company strives to connect local restaurants and merchants to customers who are seeking an easy-to-use delivery app service. Wolt's platform makes it easy for customers to order whatever they need on one app, for merchants to make additional sales, and for couriers to make meaningful earnings flexibly. Apart from a restaurant delivery app, the company also opened a Grocery delivery brand under the name Wolt Market. Since 2014 the company successfully operates in 25 countries and over 300 cities worldwide.


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the challenge

Although the brand was recognised on an international level by the Maltese Market, Wolt was seeking to connect to its Maltese customers on a local level. In addition, the company was interested in growing its page following through fun and engaging content that is both relatable, shareable and comical. Overall, the brand was looking for a marketing partner who could execute content that further established its message of offering deliveries anytime, anywhere.



We developed 3 cutting-edge creative concepts to realise Wolt’s vision for content localisation:    
  • Concept 1: Wolt Delivered Anytime, Anywhere. This tagline is used in conjunction with images of historical and easily recognisable landmarks around Malta paired with Wolt’s branded packaging. Featuring Maltese scenarios on the page’s feed brings a local look and feel to the brand. In addition to creating local scenes, the concept included an element of interactive mini-games executed through designed static images aimed at increasing engagement and organic reach. Lastly, to leave a memorable impression on followers, the concept also includes humour. The humour is executed by showcasing imagery of extreme Maltese destinations which some might consider remote to further establish that Wolt has the ability to deliver Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Concept 2: Destinations Delivered. As the Maltese market is one with a rich mixture of locals and international expats we recommended establishing a message centred around celebrating traditional Maltese & international influences. This was executed by a rotating organic pillar that features a table spread of multiple food dishes from the same cuisine options that are available on the app. In addition to this message, we recommended further marketing the large variety of cuisines available to choose from on the app which is done through interactive quizzes and animations.
  • Concept 3: A Year of Wolt. This concept was introduced to strengthen the relationship and loyalty between app users and the brand. The concept is executed by engaging with app users one-on-one by nominating a user for a Wolt Award. A Wolt Award is given to an app user who has ordered a high volume of orders for the current year. In addition, the top-performing merchants also feature in the awards segment. Both these efforts will help merchants and users feel more connected with the brand on a personal level resulting in increased loyalty.

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