Our client observed a demand that direct customers were seeking healthy, organic and locally farmed fruits and vegetables. The only available option to customers at this time was to purchase from small vendors scattered around the island selling from vans. The objective was to create an e-commerce platform that gave direct customers access to shop for fruits and vegetables for delivery. Before the client entered this market the industry was filled with competitors whose offerings were monotonous.










the challenge

Bullshark began the project with a thorough competitor analysis to establish the position of the new brand against current competitors. Thereafter Bullshark positioned the Munch brand as one which would stand for fresh produce that valued sustainability. The language used for the brand was fun & educational to appeal to their target audience. In addition, entering a monotonous market meant that there was a marketing and branding opportunity for differentiation by using bold and playful concepts.



Their identity was leveraged by creating a new brand that was created to drive differentiation in a seemingly monotonous market. Bullshark recommended that Munch would focus heavily on an e-commerce site that offered the service of ordering fresh fruits & vegetables online as well as a concept related to pre-determined orders based on the seasonality of produce called Munch Boxes. The site built for Munch includes the availability of over 150+ products to order online within 6 product categories. The language and colours used on the site are fun and playful leaning on illustrated elements.

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