Clinica Joia

Clinica Joia was established in 2016 by Dr. David Grech. The aesthetic clinic operates with the help of medical experts who specialize in the fields of aesthetics, surgical and medical treatments. Their service experience is described by clients as being very personable, professional, and insightful. The clinic gives clients and practitioners access to state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the best possible results. They aim to leave clients with a warm and down-to-earth service experience.









the challenge

Before Clinica Joia began working with Bullshark their website and overall brand required a revamp as the older website was not current and did not correctly reflect the high level of customer service given by the clinic.



Bullshark first set out to establish a brand voice and essence by developing a look that was unexpected within the industry and stood out against competitors which shifted from being a contemporary look to a progressive look. This was done by selecting the colour purple which speaks to being luxurious and premium. Next, our team created an easy-to-navigate website that includes a very comprehensive level of information pertaining to the customer experience, whilst serving as a reference point for reliable medical information. The language used on their site was best completed using medical terminology and thus follows long-form copy so that the user is well informed on each available procedure.

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the results

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