open positions

Digital Marketing Executive

Malta | Marketing Unit | Full-Time

Digital Marketing Manager

Malta | Marketing Unit | Full-Time

Senior UX Designer

Malta | Tech Unit | Full-Time

Senior Developer

Malta | Tech Unit | Full-Time

Frontend Developer

Malta | Tech Unit | Full-Time

PHP Developer

Malta | Tech Unit | Full-Time

UX Researcher

Malta | Experience Design | Full-Time

Senior Visual Designer

Malta | Creative | Full-Time

Lead Frontend Engineer

Malta | Engineering | Full-Time

Managing Director

Malta | Operations | Full-Time

we promise


Forward thinking

We look to be disruptors in our industry. This means encouraging creativity and collaboration across our teams. By pooling in our thinking and ideas, nothing can stop us from changing the game.

Career advancement

Given our agency’s rapid growth rate, there is a consistent intake of new openings, including those in managerial posts. This enables our top-performers to fast-track their growth and climb up the chain of career success.

Skill development

We invest in training and upskilling across core competencies within our profession, ensuring staff are always one step ahead of the curve with key developments in the industry.

Play to win

We’re a team of hustlers. And we’re proud to say that. We are selective with who works at Bullshark, ensuring a like-minded team of ambitious individuals that play to win.

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