December 3, 2021

Bullshark’s commitment to sales-driven marketing strengthened by Hair Haven’s win at 2021 MCCAA Awards

The 6th annual Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) 2021 Awards were held, on December 1st, 2021, bringing together CEOs, Company Founders and leading brands from across the Maltese Islands. 

The MCCAA awards recognise excellent relationships fostered between consumers and businesses, which is a crucial ethos of Bullshark’s approach to business. Our clients, Hair Haven placed first in two highly contested categories, ‘Best Online Local Seller’ and ‘Best Fashion and Beauty Brand’.

“Since the onset of our collaboration, Bullshark has been invested in driving the growth of our online business; from the development of the website to the associated marketing campaigns that have driven traffic and revenue” comments Brady Taylor, Director from Hair Haven.

Best e-commerce website malta
hairhaven.mt was fully developed by Bullshark, and launched in December 2020

‘’This prestigious recognition means a great deal to us; it’s a true testament to the countless hours the team puts into ensuring our client’s businesses are performing optimally,’’ says Sam Mallia, Founder of Bullshark.

Carmen Chilton, Head of Digital Marketing at Bullshark, writes that awards like this strengthen the commitment of the company to elevate the businesses of Bullshark’s clients to greater heights.

Hair Haven winning the award for best online shop malta
Brady Taylor and Ramona Taylor, Directors at Hair Haven

Bullshark is a sales-driven marketing agency offering cutting-edge digital marketing services to a diverse array of clients. We are big on building great relationships first, then using data-driven solutions to elevate brands. We understand the most important KPI is a return on investment, and every day our teams work on achieving this objective.

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Together, we can turn your business into a sales machine.

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Need help with your marketing?

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