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Malta's leading home finishings showroom, B&M Supplies approached us to increase their sales and brand awareness through digital channels.

Established in 1956, B&M have been one of the market’s leading suppliers ever since. They are home to several world-leading brands, such as Grohe, Geberit and Imola Ceramica; just to name a few.

B&M’s marketing strategy failed to adapt to the digital era, with the company relying heavily on traditional advertising methods – such as radio, print and billboards. Understanding the potential gain by effectively tapping into social media and Google, B&M’s management approached us in order to craft and execute an online advertising strategy for the company. The strategy’s principal scope was that of:

  1. Generating online leads which would translate into an increase in sales
  2. Increasing brand awareness and foot traffic to B&M’s showroom
We started from the ground up, first identifying B&M's key selling points which would enable us to differentiate them in such a saturated market.

To kick off our work, we conducted a SWOT analysis, which helped us identify B&M’s strengths and weaknesses. This also provided us with insights on B&M’s competitors and how deeply invested they were in digital marketing.

Based on our findings, we chose three key areas to serve as B&M’s key selling points:

1. The showroom – in late 2018, B&M finalised the renovation of their showroom, placing it at the forefront of Maltese interior excellence. The showroom is also well-located in a central area with free parking. 

2. The Brands – being in the market for so long, B&M have amassed a portfolio laden with world leading brands. Through clear communication and well-researched copywriting, we wanted B&M’s audience to truly understand what sets these brands apart.

3. Reputation – the B&M slogan states that the company has been “Making Homes Since 1956”. This meant a great level of knowledge and experience was harness by B&M’s team, making them well-equipped to assist home-owners in the best possible manner.

Building up content was the project's starting point

We executed the production of a large amount of media to be used throughout B&M's digital campaigns.

The first step was that of running photoshoots across the B&M showroom – capturing the aesthetic beauty of the products and the excellent shopping environment presented by the showroom’s interior. This type of content is what would enable us to capture the audience’s attention, leading them to learn more about the brand.

We also created a series of videos, in an informercial style, where a presenter explained the characteristics of key B&M products and the technology that set them apart. This type of content was excellent as to educate the audience on the factual superiority of B&M’s products. 

We chose to partner with social media influencer and X-Factor presenter Ben Camille, primarily due to content-related purposes.

In line with our content marketing and media strategy, we chose to collaborate with Ben Camille. We saw Ben as the ideal persona due to two primary reasons:

  1. His following consisted primarily of 25-40 year olds, making him effective in targeting the demographic of first-time home owners. 
  2. A highly-skilled presenter, Ben would be ideal for infomercial videos, helping us communicate our message in an effective manner.

Long-term brand building combined with short-term sales boosting campaigns

B&M’s content was highly focused on delivering value to users, helping them understand the benefits brought through superior products. We helped them understand what technology went on behind world leading brands like Grohe, Geberit, etc.

We then ran sporadic price-discount campaigns on these premium brands. Using such offers on a sporadic basis enabled us to create huge boosts in short-term revenues and awareness, without diluting B&M’s status as a premium market player.

Moreover, these short-run campaigns were pivotal in enabling us to collect data on persons interested in B&M’s products. We used this data to build custom audiences, sending out highly-targeted advertisements and maximising B&M’s return on investment. 

Breaking record sales

Leveraging data, content and an attractive offer, we ran a campaign that broke B&M’s record sales for air conditioners in a single summer. We did this using a three step process… 


We ran a free giveaway competition for an air conditioner, which reached roughly 100,000 unique people and received around 1,000 participants


Extracting the data generated through this campaign, we created two key audiences:

(1) A custom audience consisting of al participants

(2) A lookalike audience, which composed on people that displayed similar online behaviour to those persons who competed in the free giveaway (hence had an interest in air conditioners)


Throughout the summer, we ran a series of promotional offers targeted at these two audiences. Having been so well targeted, the ROI from these campaigns was huge. 

The next step in B&M's digital transformation was to take the showroom online

Rebuilding the B&M website, along with the launch of a full e-commerce store enabled B&M to reach prospects in a comprehensive manner, 24/7.

Within a few months, we enabled B&M to effectively leverage digital marketing to increase their sales and brand awareness

+ 1
Page likes grew from 6,000 to 10,000
Unique people reached
1 +
Messages received
1 %
Increase in web traffic

We did it for B&M.
We can do it for you.

We are sales-driven, data-led and results-based. We will stop at nothing to ensure your brand is growing with speed. Let’s have a chat and see how we can help you.

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