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What's in it for you?

Easy money

With our affiliate system, all you have to do is refer clients to us. Should we then close a deal with that same client, you will be rewarded!

earn commission

You’ll get a flat 10% fee for any sales made to your referrals. There’s absolutely no ceiling to your commission – it’s always a 10% of the total sale value.

free to join

Joining our affiliate system is 100% free. We’ll provide any resources needed for you to get started. Pick one of our two affiliate options, or pick both! Either way, your setup cost is zero.

Our referral system explained.

You’re free to choose one or both of the below referral methods. 

word of mouth

For word-of-mouth referrals, simply inform us that you have spoken to a particular client about us. Once the client contacts us we’ll let you know. Our system is totally transparent, as we will keep you up to date with all developments in the client-acquisition process – all the way up till the point of sale.

website referrals

The website referrals system works through a contact form installation method. A member of our team will complimentarily configure a contact form on your website which submits applications to both our email inbox and yours. 

What we promise.

upfront payments

Once we receive confirmation from your referral, you will be paid in full and upfront (i.e. after the client has settled the deposit).

complete transparency

You’ll be kept up to date on all developments with any referrals you sent us. This means that we’ll also  be absolutely transparent on prices, so that you’ll be sure that you’re being paid the full commission. 

no commitments

As an affiliate, you’re free to work as much as you please. There are no contractual lock ins, and you get to enjoy complete autonomy. The more you refer, the more you make! 

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We’ll review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. 

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