How does the 90-day profit program work?

We will create, launch and manage an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy for you; fully tailored to your unique business situation

We use an integrated multi-channel
marketing strategy

A multi-channel strategy makes use of several online channels, all leading directly towards your brand’s central asset. This central asset usually takes the form of a website, online store, messenger, or a landing page. We refer to it as a central asset because it is what enables us to convert online traffic into actual paying customers

Why Do We use A multi-channel strategy?

The use of multiple channels yields several benefits; resulting in advertising that is more cost-effective and more scalable.

Single-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

Lower your long-run cost per customer acquired

Optimise budget according to the best performing online platform

Reach customers on multiple platforms; ensuring your brand is always visible

Keep potential customers in your sales funnel when they switch platform

Reduce dependancy on a single-source of new customers

Engage customers with different types of advertising

Integrate data from different sources for more cost-effective advertising

How will we successfully implement a
multi-channel strategy for you?

Using 3 strategic focal-points, we put your brand at the top of the food-chain; acquiring customers at scale.

Direct Communications

Using targeted ads to drive communication directly from your brand to the consumer, we cut out third-parties, enabling you to maintain full control over your marketing. This also creates a stronger bond between your brand and the customer.

Precision and agility

Effectively breaking down data gathered through your campaigns on a day-to-day basis, our team will generate insights that guide agile, precise decision-making. This means that your strategy is always being refined to generate better returns.


Above all metrics, we retain a sharp-minded focus on the single most important KPI: return on investment. Our primary goal is that of ensuring that you are generating positive returns from all campaigns.

Data Is Key

We use a combination of your business’ internal data, accumulated campaign data, and external data. This trio of data sources guides fast and precise decision-making throughout your marketing campaigns.

At the end of each month, you will be provided with an in-depth performance report on your business’ revenue growth and marketing campaigns – all presented in an easy to digest manner.

You will also have frequent, day-to-day communication with a member from our team. We’ll keep you informed on all the latest developments in your marketing campaigns. 

Where will we add value
to your sales chain?

We want to help you acquire and retain customers; whilst maximising your profits from the lifetime value of each customer. 

Phase 1


We place your brand in front of its target market, generating awareness among the right people.

Phase 2


Using detailed split tests and multiple ad-variations, we look to match the right messaging to each sub-group of your target market.

Phase 3


Running re-targeting campaigns on an ongoing basis, combined with product refinement and offer innovation, we keep customers engaged and within your profit pool.

Phase 4

Monetisation + Scale

This is where we look to maximise the revenue generated from the top 20% of your customers customers; along with scaling your customer acquisition to continue increasing market share.

Looking to double your sales in 90-days?

Get in touch with one of our digital marketing experts. We’ll give you a detailed overview on the way that the 90-day profit program works, and how it can be implemented in your line of business. Together, we can build something great.

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