January 25, 2021

8 reasons SEO is crucial for every business in Malta

Every day, thousands of people in Malta use Google to search for something they need. Search engine optimisation (SEO) gives you the opportunity to get in front of these people, who are actively searching for your products or services on the internet. This article explores 8 reasons why SEO could be the profit-machine you've been looking for all along.

#1: Brand Awareness

Over 90% of all searches made on the internet today are carried out on Google. Consumers have grown comfortable searching for virtually anything they require on this platform, which has grown to become a gold-mine of information with an impeccable ability to match consumers specifically with what they require.

Having a solid online presence paired with an effective SEO strategy will enable you to push your website to the top rankings for keyword searches related to your business. For example, if you were selling meat, your website would be optimised for keywords related to meat, ensuring your business is among the first seen by users searching for similar keywords.

This positions you as an online leader, helping your business garner increased visibility among interested prospects, growing your brand awareness among the target market.

#2: Increased Traffic

Data shows that 75% of Google users never scroll past the first page. This means that having a website among the top rankings is fundamental in ensuring you’re generating a sufficient level of traffic from potential customers.

Google’s search algorithms analyse websites based on a number of technical criteria, increasing the rankings of those websites which tick all of the boxes. Satisfying Google’s criteria and moving up the rankings will help you draw in huge volumes of organic traffic from your target market. This means showcasing your products/services to a large number of potential buyers, and the opportunity to convert them into actual, paying customers.

#3: Cost-Effective

The beauty of SEO is that it’s free. Since all traffic is generating through organic search, this means you don’t have to actually pay for website visitors. They key is optimising your website in a more effective manner than your competitors, ensuring that you’re position at the top of rankings for relevant keyword searches.

Businesses using SEO in Malta can effectively track results through analytics software

SEO is the ultimate way to scale your website traffic, all whilst keeping your cost per conversion extremely low.

#4: SEO is a long-term investment

Proper Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term investment which will add to the value of your online presence and will accrue over time. Even though it may take some time to start reaping the fruits from your SEO campaigns, it will contribute to your brand equity and help you generate a reliable stream of website traffic on a consistent, daily basis – helping you scale your long-term revenue.

Many businesses in Malta rely too heavily on paid campaigns, due to the short-term tangibility of such a strategy. Without underestimating the effectiveness of paid campaigns, the concept of SEO will contribute more long-term asset value to your business.

SEO adds long-term value to your business

#5: You Build trust

When using search engines, people tend to perceive the top-ranked websites as being the most trustworthy source on information. The belief is that these websites are the most credible, hence why Google has given them a spot at the top of the rankings.

With an SEO strategy that is well-optimised for your target market, your brand could very well become that trusted source of information.

#6: Competitive Advantage

No matter how much money your competitor invests in heavy advertising campaigns, search engines are an excellent opportunity for a level playing ground between the largest corporations to the smallest businesses.

In a small country like Malta, many consumers are used to some of the big names in the industry and will be the first brands they turn to in order to satisfy their needs. SEO is the method of choice for small and large businesses alike to gain visibility and raise brand awareness.

The sooner you start optimising your website and its content, the stronger the lead you will be gaining ahead of your competitors

#7: Easy to measure

This will allow you to specifically pin-point parts of your strategy that are effective and others that can be improved or eliminated.  It will also give you the ability to visualise your return-on-investment and how you can improve it even further!

Every aspect of your SEO campaigns is completely measurable. Using industry-leading software, we can track the exact position your website has on Google for up to 300 keywords, ensuring you’re gaining full visibility across the full spectrum of related searches. 

SEo analytics help you track the exact levels of organic traffic you are generating

Moreover, using website analytics, we can track the exact number of visits and conversions you’re generating through organic search (SEO).

#8: Reach the right people

So many people use Google daily that we are able to know so much more than just the demographics and characteristics of our customers. Especially in a small country like Malta where segmentation based on demographics is very limited, SEO provides excellent data on specific keywords and a wide range of characteristics on the people who searched for them.

Knowing who your customers are, and what they’re searching for will allow you to strategically position your business to ensure you generate traffic from people who are actually interested in your products or services.

Do something great for your business, and implement an effective SEO strategy

Take your growth to the next level in 2021, directly reaching your target market through an effective SEO campaign.

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