Bullshark is a marketing agency built for sales.

A sales-driven marketing agency

Why work with Bullshark?

A sales-driven marketing agency

Why work with Bullshark?

Some brands we've worked with.

Some brands we've worked with.


La Boucherie

Multi-channel digital marketing, e-commerce, Data and Analytics

Using advanced e-commerce and online marketing strategies, we powered La Boucherie to become Malta’s largest business in the meat sector in less than 4 months.


B&M Supplies Ltd

digital marketing, Social Media, Website, E-Commerce, Data and Analytics, Media

We reshaped B&M’s customer acquisition strategy for the digital age, upscaling their online presence and increasing inbound leads.


JP Imports

Social Media Marketing, Data and Analytics

We enabled Malta’s leading importer and wholesaler of fine quality meats to effectively penetrate the consumer market at scale.

A unitary structure,
designed for the speed of digital.

Our agency exercises an integrated approach to modern-day marketing. This enables us to implement agile strategies that are crafted to cope with constantly evolving data and market patterns. Our structure compromises of three holistic areas, offering clients a unitary approach to their marketing and advertising.

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Marketing and Advertising

8 reasons SEO is crucial for every business in Malta

Every day, thousands of people in Malta use Google to search for something they need. Search engine optimisation (SEO) gives you the opportunity to get in front of these people, who are actively searching for your products or services on the internet. This article explores 8 reasons why SEO could be the profit-machine you’ve been looking for all along.

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